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  1. 7 video wishes that just came true with Celtra’s Smart Video Ad Formats

    April 7, 2014 Written by Gefen Lamdan

    Here is the mission - design a great looking display video ad, which plays consistently across various devices’ screens, media properties and operating systems. An ad that displays an engaging interactive brand experience and provides consolidated, trackable, and reliable results.

    While this may sound trivial, this task involves several not-so-trivial solutions.
    Back in the heyday of Flash, you thought you already had those hassles solved, but this became quite a challenge on mobile screens using HTML5; especially across different in-app properties.

    Luckily, now using this new video technology from Celtra, put the hassles behind you and focus on good branding and meaningful creative!

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  2. We're looking for tech interns!

    March 25, 2014 Written by Robert Sedovšek

     As part of a joint project with the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana, we are looking for 6 enthusiastic students that are willing to spend some time working with us. We are constantly developing new ideas for our product as well as our daily work, and one of the things that we have spent a lot of time with is the “Automation Testing of Web Applications” project. We are now looking to involve some young and fresh minds into it. Testing is at the core of our quality assurance, i.e. this is a very important project for us… So important that we decided to activate all possible sources to achieve best results.

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  3. Social Rich Media Case Study: Magnum

    December 18, 2013 Written by Amy Mai
    Social Rich Media Case Study: Magnum

    Social Rich Media (SRM) proves to be an effective channel for stellar advertising performance. In a case study for Magnum Pleasure Store SRM campaign for Facebook, Magnum saw impressive results that elevated them to becoming a reputable social power brand in Australia.

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