Dive into HTML5 with Celtra’s AdCreator - creative management platform for digital display and video advertising.


250+ Components & Features

AdCreator packs over 50 advanced drag & drop components and more than 200 pre-tested features - Store Locator, Inline Video Player, Galleries, Social Sharing and more - all fully customizable and with built-in reporting. Templates speed up development and ensures creative consistency.


Built-In Quality Assurance

All components and features are thoroughly tested across devices, operating systems and environments. AdCreator has automatic built-in QA, so you know what you see is exactly what the user is going to see.


Responsive Design & Animation

Responsive design enables you to build a single creative that adapts to multiple screen sizes. AdCreator’s animation capabilities include standard object animation, animation sets and animation as part of actions timeline. For those really complex animations, you can also use custom action sets or mix in a bit of JS.

AdCreator - banner maker for innovative banner design.

Dynamic Creative

Attractive dynamic creatives that are highly personalized and reflect the user context in real time are no extra workload. Quickly build and preview a single dynamic creative - make anything dynamic from videos and backgrounds to text and URLs.

Auto-play In-line
Video Player

Place inline, auto-play, high quality video everywhere. No more restrictions, no more animated GIF conversions. AdCreator lets you create a fully interactive video ad with automatic video encoding for device, speed and quality.

No Coding
(Unless You Want To)

Even the most advanced creatives can be built without coding, but if you still prefer to code, we’ve exposed all components through our creative API, enabling you to add custom JS or set up frameworks to easily call, reference and control pages, events and interactions.

Design banner with AdCreator.

Runs With Any Ad Server

Creatives built with Celtra’s creative management platform have been checked and certified to run across the widest range of devices, environments, apps, sites and ad servers; this ensures that both rendering and reporting work as they should. Creatives run seamlessly with over twenty 1st & 3rd party ad servers.

Easy Previewing

Preview your creatives across all devices, dynamic variants and screen sizes. With one click, send clients an AdCreator preview URL so they can view the creative on their desktop or mobile device as well.

Free Training & Onboarding

We’ve got you covered with our team of creative product specialists. From a vast library of support articles to free onboard training, weekly webinars and expert email support, we’re here to ensure you get the most from Celtra’s creative management platform.

AdCreator - Banner maker