Smart Video
Ad Formats

Instantly deliver captivating, 
responsive video ad experiences
across the widest reach.

Swift and easy to set up, the brand new
Smart Video Ad Formats boast a powerful array of
video-specific capabilities that represent the cutting
edge in cross-screen video advertising.


Display Ads

Grab your audience's attention, increase relevancy, and deliver superior user experience to maximize your ROI across any device.

Our cross-screen HTML5 display Banner, Expandable and Interstitial ad formats greatly outperform standard banners at every step and empower you to fulfill your creative and marketing objectives with ease.


Native Ads

Achieve exceptional performance by presenting
your ads within the publisher’s context. 

Unique to each particular publisher
environment, Celtra’s native ad formats
seamlessly merge with publisher content into
a unified user experience resulting in
greatly increased consumer interest
and engagement with the brand. 


Native Rich Media

Premium Direct Response Banners

Premium Direct
Response Banners

Enhance your classic mobile
banners with HTML5 technology.

Upgrade your mobile banners to Premium Direct Response
Banners and drive higher CTRs, get more app downloads,
achieve higher acquisition rates, or simply present your
brand in a more enticing way.



Dynamic Ads

Elevate your mobile advertising by
presenting the most relevant content 
to your targeted audience.

AdCreator’s ad sensitivity and dynamic content capabilities allow you to display different, custom-fitted content based on user’s location, proximity, and weather, and let you include live news, game results, customer reviews and social media feeds.

And it is with the wholesome creative optimization capabilities that we empower you to elevate your ad’s performance even further by optimizing any type of element in the creative, based on any of our numerous metrics.


Dynamic Creative Optimization

*Metrics included refer to tablet and smartphone devices