Ad formats Reinvented

Our programmatic-friendly, innovative and highly effective ad formats let you easily create captivating, app-like brand experiences.


A user-friendly Interstitial.

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  • User & Publisher-friendly
    Provides a natural introduction and dismissal of an ad through a simple swipe gesture.
  • Full-screen or Custom Width
    Offers plenty of room for creative storytelling that makes your brand stand out.
  • Complete Attention
    Brings your creative in the center of attention without being intrusive.


Bring the compelling user experience of Interscroller to a smaller, inline banner canvas.
  • Smaller Canvas,
    Equal Impact
    Uses the same enticing approach to ad introduction and dismissal as Interscroller.
  • Fit for Any Device
    Makes your brand easily stand out on smartphones, tablets and desktops.
  • Easy Implementation
    Miniscroller requires no additional certification or content adjustment.

Reveal banner

The power of expandable delivered in a single-unit banner with dynamic resizing.
  • Dynamic Resizing
    The option to adjust the height of the ad unit dynamically can be used in many creative ways.
  • Creative Sneak Peek
    A fully customizable animated intro of the creative captures the user’s attention without being intrusive.
  • Continuous Animation & Video
    Single-unit format type allows animation or video to play continuously, no matter the size
    of the ad.

Standard Ad Formats

Fulfill all of your creative and marketing goals with ease.
  • Cross-screen Ready
    With our HTML5 Banner, Interstitial and Expandable ad formats that outperform classic banners at every step, you can unify your display advertising across smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.
  • Superior User-experience
    By mixing the formats with unique and engaging ad features, you can easily immerse your audience in a smooth, app-like experience that won’t require them to leave the
    publisher’s content.
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