Data-driven dynamic ad messages, made truly scalable and fully self-service.
Deliver the right message, to the right audience at the right time.

Everything Starts
with Data

As an advertiser, you’re likely used to dealing with intricate audience data to power your media buy. But why stop there? The media is not yet the message. What if you could easily use your existing audience data beyond media targeting to improve brand messages, making them more personalized and relevant?

Celtra’s Programmatic Creative allows you to infuse creatives with real-world data from all kinds of first- and third-party data sources. By doing this, you ensure each impression is not only targeted to the right person, but also presents that person with the most relevant message.

Environment is
Data, Too

In addition to using audience data to make the message more relevant, core signals data such as weather, location and time can be layered in to even further personalize the message.

Core signals are situational data points determined by the user’s device and environment in a specific moment of time. You can use them to enhance your creative messaging by, for example, showing different, more targeted content to a person on a sunny day in LA and a person on a rainy NY night.

Your Creative Comes to Life

We empower you to combine infinite audience and environmental signals within a single, outstandingly relevant dynamic creative that behaves, looks and speaks appropriately to each of your audience segments. It’s no secret: a creative that is friendlier is likely to perform better as well.

Media & Creative, Intertwined

Celtra Programmatic Creative enables marketers to tell an engaging brand story that's both highly customized and precision-targeted. It's a groundbreaking solution that brings together creativity and technology, monetizing on the powerful connection between data and content.

There’s More to Data than Meets the Buy The audience data that powers programmatic buying can now drive your dynamic creative, too. When you target with pinpoint precision, you are often left with a small audience that doesn’t match the size of your budget. By letting you manage and segment any data to create unique audiences, and by automatically displaying a personalized ad to each user, Programmatic Creative bridges all three pillars of effective display advertising: precision targeting, relevancy and scalability.

Technology that
Works for You

One Creative, Infinite Creative VariationsIn contrast to creative targeting, where you develop and traffic each variation separately, our solution empowers you to apply as many dynamic elements as you want within just one creative - quickly and with ease! In addition, this gives you more opportunities for creative expression without adding to your workload.

Trafficking without Detours With just one data-driven dynamic creative and our quick two-step serving process that ensures your ad is published and distributed with the right tag settings, ad trafficking becomes a breeze. The ad shown to a user also loads progressively, meaning that only the elements used in a specific version of a creative are loaded.
Completely Self-Service and Easy-to-Use Forget about inflexible templates or managed services that require an extensive setup process. For the first time, importing and managing audience data, defining situational data and applying them to build dynamic ads is seamless, easy to execute and completely self-service.

Streamlined and Scalable Solution Programmatic Creative is a part of AdCreator 4, our complete solution for building, serving and tracking display ads. This allows you to quickly build complex, animated and interactive dynamic creatives, traffic them on a massive scale, then track and adjust them mid-flight - all in one place and without any HTML5 or technical knowledge!

Transparency, Every Step
of the Way

Whether it’s pricing or reach, media or creative performance, we strive to be as clear and straightforward as possible. We provide you with unparalleled insight and creative intelligence so you can better justify your decisions and your budget, while keeping a firm grip on campaign performance and maintaining focus on efficiency.

Largest Advertiser ID Pool In order to leverage data and inform the creative, we use Advertising IDs. They are sent to us via impression requests and based on an Advertising ID match a certain creative element is displayed. We support both Apple’s Advertising Identifier (IDFA) and Android’s Advertising ID (AID).

So How Does it Work?

Easily import first- or third-party audience data. Our advanced segment management makes defining unique audiences a breeze.
Select any number of
core signals to create
highly tailored and
contextualized messaging.
You can use the core signals on their own or in combination with
audience data.
Apply rules and build your dynamic creative. You can preview the creative for each condition. If a condition is not defined or not met, the default outcome will be shown.
Traffic, analyze and optimize. Find out which signals impact campaign performance the most and make changes mid-flight or use your insights to help inform future campaigns.
Right message,
right audience, right now.
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