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Celtra Unveils Industry-First Store Locator with Automated Location Geocoding for Mobile Ads

November 14, 2012

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – November 13, 2012 – Celtra Inc., the industry leader for mobile rich media advertising and analytics, today announced the launch of the industry-first self-service store locator feature, a powerful new mobile ad product that gives brands and retailers the ability to deliver a complete mobile shopping experience in time for the holidays.

“Mobile rich media advertising is perfectly suited for mid-funnel marketing activities and finding a nearby store is one of its most popular and effective features,” said Matevz Klanjsek, Celtra co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “Our data shows that more than 16 percent of users search for a local store within the ad. Celtra’s new store locator with automated location geocoding allows advertisers to quickly and easily employ this powerful tool and effectively drive foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores.”

A recent “What Users Want Most From Mobile Sites” report from Google confirms that consumers are turning to mobile platforms more frequently during shopping experience with 76 percent of users wanting to find a company’s location and operating hours from a mobile site.

“Mobile shopping is taking off, giving advertisers the opportunity to drive conversion by providing consumers with surrounding retail locations or businesses that carry the product or service that they want,” said Jack Hallahan, Vice President of Mobile Innovations at Mojiva. “Celtra’s self-service store locator cuts development costs by allowing us to quickly and easily create mobile rich media ads that engage millions of consumers and drive them to local storefronts.”

“National brands and retailers are increasingly leveraging location to bolster their mobile ads and drive traffic to physical locations,” said Jack Demetris, Vice President of Business Development at Theorem. “Celtra’s AdCreator platform makes it easy for us to build immersive rich media experiences that influence shoppers at all stage of the purchase funnel from awareness to consideration to purchase.”

Celtra’s store locator empowers consumers to quickly search, display and manage a list of locations in rich media mobile ads. Advertisers can quickly populate their store locator content by uploading a simple excel file. Automated geocoding seamlessly translates addresses into map coordinates and locations can be displayed in map, or list views with a fully customizable user interface that matches the ad. Advertisers can also traffic their ads across the broadest list of premium publishers, ad networks, mediators, demand and supply side platforms. The solution also tracks audience engagement with the store locator in real-time using AdCreator Analytics.

Celtra’s AdCreator platform is used by 8 out of the top 10 media agencies as well as the top 25 global ad networks, 35 premium publishers and 10 mobile exchanges, DSP Platforms and ad servers. The solution provides unmatched mobile rich media campaign creation, optimization and measurement, allowing brands to adjust on the fly to maximize engagement with fans. The platform empowers advertisers to embed rich features into their campaigns like video, content and image galleries that capture user’s attention and provides more opportunities for engagement. Celtra’s Store Locator ad feature leverages the user’s location to direct them to the nearest store to make a purchase.