Ad formats Reinvented

Our programmatic-friendly, innovative and highly effective ad formats let you easily create captivating, app-like brand experiences.


A user-friendly Interstitial.

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  • User & Publisher-friendly
    Provides a natural introduction and dismissal of an ad through a simple swipe gesture.
  • Full-screen or Custom Width
    Offers plenty of room for creative storytelling that makes your brand stand out.
  • Complete Attention
    Brings your creative in the center of attention without being intrusive.

Miniscroller Private beta

Bring the compelling user experience of Interscroller to a smaller, inline banner canvas.
  • Smaller Canvas,
    Equal Impact
    Uses the same enticing approach to ad introduction and dismissal as Interscroller.
  • Fit for Any Device
    Makes your brand easily stand out on smartphones, tablets and desktops.
  • Easy Implementation
    Miniscroller requires no additional certification or content adjustment.

Reveal banner

The power of expandable delivered in a single-unit banner with dynamic resizing.
  • Dynamic Resizing
    The option to adjust the height of the ad unit dynamically can be used in many creative ways.
  • Creative Sneak Peek
    A fully customizable animated intro of the creative captures the user’s attention without being intrusive.
  • Continuous Animation & Video
    Single-unit format type allows animation or video to play continuously, no matter the size
    of the ad.

Swell Private beta

A flexible single-unit ad format designed to deliver captivating brand experiences.
  • Resizable Ad Placement
    The ad is growing as it comes to the center of the view, and shrinking as it goes out of view.
  • Easy Implementation
    Using a standard inline banner placement, Swell is incredibly easy to implement.

Reactive Pull Private beta

Fusing an innovative and intuitive navigational paradigm with smooth resize animation.
  • image
    Premium Primary Placement
    The default position of the banner ad unit is at the top of a publisher's page.
  • image
    Innovative Banner Interaction
    By pulling the banner down, it enlarges, by swiping it up, the banner is dismissed.
  • image
    Reactive Effects
    As users pull down to reveal the ad content, a reactive scaling and crossfade effects occur.
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Standard Ad Formats

Fulfill all of your creative and marketing goals with ease.
  • Cross-screen Ready
    With our HTML5 Banner, Interstitial and Expandable ad formats that outperform classic banners at every step, you can unify your display advertising across smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.
  • Superior User-experience
    By mixing the formats with unique and engaging ad features, you can easily immerse your audience in a smooth, app-like experience that won’t require them to leave the
    publisher’s content.
  • IAB Mobile Rising Stars
    We offer all five IAB Mobile Rising Stars ad formats, including Pull and Slider, whose innovative navigational paradigm sets the stage for greater user control and provides a great potential for creative ideas.
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