Celtra enables marketers to be the best advertisers in the world. Our SaaS platform is designed to help you spend more time making ads inspiring, impactful, and entertaining, and less on the repetitive, time-consuming tasks required for producing ads at scale. Join the likes of Unilever, Uber, and over 400 other customers using our platform to reinvent the way you make digital ads.

Why Celtra?

  • Bring ad scaling in-house vs producing limited ads per campaign or using external production vendors
  • Support shift to always-on advertising vs a few big updates per year
  • Give media teams the creative they need vs requiring them to work out messages for all audiences
  • Reduce risk of human error and time from manual processes by moving key production stages like review and approval into Celtra’s cloud-based platform vs email and online drives
  • Empower teams to deliver creative at the speed of culture, with increased variety, relevancy, velocity, and effectiveness

Power Tools for In-House Creative Teams and their Marketing/Media Counterparts

Celtra’s features let you bring creative ideas to life across digital channels at unbelievable speeds:

  • Pixel perfect, cross-channel ad building platform
  • Customizable creative templates for asset reuse and adaptation
  • Translation workflows with preview, review, and feedback
  • Review and approval for multi-stakeholder teams
  • Governance across users, creatives, and templates
  • Delivery to DSPs, social platforms, Amazon, your own bespoke house formats, and export
  • Visibility and insights into media performance for creative teams

The Connection between Production, Creative, and Media

Celtra’s multi-stakeholder platform helps connect siloes between teams and markets. Creative teams deliver incredible ads because stakeholders like media planners, ecom managers, social campaign managers, and translation teams are better integrated into the production process. There is no better software for advertisers hungry for creative excellence.

Not only are teams connected, but Celtra integrates with your existing creative, ad, and marketing tech stack, making implementation quick and easy. It’s compatible with the leading DMPs, DSPs, creative tools, social platforms, verification partners, and ad serving products.

Experience unparalleled speed-to-market with the industry’s most proven and widely-used creative management platform.