Realize the full potential of your ads by leveraging creative in every ad, in every context, everywhere.

Media consumption has radically changed, and consumers’ expectations are higher than ever.

Ads are held to the same high standards as the content they appear next to — and if they don’t meet those standards, nobody pays attention. Or worse, they block you.


In order to connect with consumers, brands need to create experiences that feel meaningful and relevant.

Brands seek direct relationships and engagement with consumers as they compete in the new experience economy. This requires more data collection and data activation. Digital creative presents an opportunity to improve both and deliver relevancy and personalization.

It shouldn’t be a challenge to meet these standards. Advertisers shouldn’t have to choose between efficiency & effectiveness.

Celtra leverages the aspect of advertising that has the greatest impact on sales lift – creative – helping brands improve advertising performance, while reducing operational complexities and costs.


  • Streamline creative production and management to eliminate redundancies, inconsistencies, and reduce time to launching campaigns
  • Deliver dynamic creative, at scale across the entire media plan, in real time
  • Connect creative to media, measurement and data infrastructure, resulting in ad-ops simplification and value enhancement of the tech stack
  • Measure incrementality across their advertising campaigns
  • Establish a process for continuous creative effectiveness optimization

Celtra At Work

Creative is an increasingly complex challenge for large advertisers and one that is constantly changing due to the rapid evolution of media consumption. People deserve advertising that feels native to each medium and delivers emotional value. Celtra helps us deliver that at global scale.”


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