Right now, it’s more important than ever to continuously check in on your customers. Most of them are home right now absorbing loads of digital content. This consideration can be exercised through your marketing messaging.

After all, the best marketing campaigns demonstrate a deep understanding of consumers. Making this connection is essential to getting their attention. Beyond evoking emotion and demonstrating a basic, data-based profile, you need to go the extra mile. Keep in mind that 74% of online consumers are frustrated when digital content (offers, ads, etc) appears that isn’t relevant to their interests.

Humans are complicated beings, as such they can be unpredictable. To accommodate, try actually hearing what they have to say. Here are 6 major brands who identified their consumers’ desires and met them.

Tesla upgrades their steering wheel

Merely 30 minutes after receiving a suggestion, Elon Musk began working to update Tesla’s software. Plus, he responded directly to the consumer, assuring them that they were heard. The feature was implemented to both future cars and current ones. This required no service or additional equipment — it was simply a pushed update. Musk continues to listen to his audience through Twitter and pick up the suggestions that he agrees with.

The lesson? Consumers want to feel like part of the product. In digital advertising, this can easily be applied through creative messaging that aligns with their preferences. For instance, directly addressing feedback and questions. Or, even just showing products that match their purchase history.

McDonald’s ditches the plastic

In September 2018, McDonalds began swapping out their plastic straws for paper ones in the UK. This decision was in response to a customer led campaign with nearly half a million signatures. Considering the chain had been using 1.8 million plastic straws a day, the shift made a substantial impact. The key takeaway here is that your audience will often be voicing their opinions. It’s marketers jobs to keep track of them and meet their demands when reasonable (and in this case altruistic).

Fitbit gets you moving

Fitbit’s “Reminders to Move,” a buzzing alarm reminder, came from social media listening. This widely used feature only exists because a consumer suggested it and Fitbit decided to listen. It’s clear from this instance that product development doesn’t always have to come internally. The people actually using your product provide invaluable feedback. Users truly are the authority when it comes to your brand in practice. Continuously seek out the ideas of those using your products and put them on display.

Sweetgreen makes data-based salads

Many DTC brands have apps. But how well are they all using the information obtained from it? Sweetgreen uniquely applies its consumer behavior to design salads. This ensures the popularity of new items while removing recipes that aren’t crowd pleasers.

On this tactic, the founders stated, “it’s the main way [they] understand ingredient popularity, capture feedback, and get smarter with seasonal products [they] offer.”

Similarly, media teams should be consistently checking on which creatives are performing well and where. This can ensure better overall performance and purchases.

Adidas rides the eco wave

Looking to create a brand new offering, Adidas’ released a line of eco-friendly shoes made from ocean waste. It was a bit risky at the time, recycled shoes were a new concept. Fortunately, though, they sold over a million pairs in 2017. The success can be attributed to 2 core consumer desires — quality shoes and the feeling of doing something good for the world.

Tom’s releases My Little Pony shoes

After some social media research, TOMS discovered a high index of conversations around My Little Pony. Meaning, there was significant overlap between their consumers and those also interested in the franchise. To accommodate, TOMS quickly accommodated by creating “My Little Pony” themed shoes. Their line demonstrates that sometimes you need to look beyond your own data to get a more detailed picture of what your audience wants. Plus, partnerships with customer overlap never hurts.

What you can do now

Each of these examples demonstrates a consumer-centric strategy. Not only can it provide some inspiration for your next campaign, but it also serves as a reminder to continuously brainstorm new and exciting ways to engage your audience. They will thank you for it.

To learn more about meeting consumer needs, reach out to us today!

Automation has changed the way that media is bought and handled, now it’s time for creative to go through the same shift. With media moving in real-time, brands need to keep up by pushing out more creative than ever before to match consumer expectations. It can be challenging. From expensive content scaling, slow and cumbersome creative processes, generic ad experiences, and inconsistent designs, brands just can’t turn to old-fashioned creative production anymore. The answer is automation.

Creative automation is changing the way brands digitally advertise by having software perform repetition for high-volume design or creative production functions. Likewise, a new commissioned Forrester study on behalf of Celtra found that 77% of marketers believe they could benefit from a more automated digital advertising strategy.

Why haven’t marketers adopted automation in droves yet? A lack of awareness that this technology exists. Creative automation is a really new concept and very different from the traditional brief-idea-production-launch process many marketers are accustomed to.

We’re here to make creative automation a little less foreign. These are the core elements and benefits.

3X faster production

Faster production is one of the many benefits of creative automation. With more assets at hand, brands are able to connect with their consumers more often. When you’re able to move 3 times as fast, a lot happens:

  1. You can run always-on media with the ability to change content as needed.
  2. Rolling out relevant creatives is much easier and you can make changes on-the-go.
  3. Your team has more time to spend on creative ideation once they automate tedious and repetitive tasks.

Brands are aware of this. In fact, the Forrester study also found that 51% (the leading response) listed increasing the speed of creative development as their goal in the next 5 years.

How, specifically, does creative automation increase production speed? Let’s dig deeper into that.

Building made easy

Creative automation allows designers to swiftly and fully execute their vision and then scale it. Here are the key features that make building creatives a lot less tedious.

  • Hand-craft engaging global creative masters with animation, motion graphic, gamification, product galleries, and more
  • Scale across channels with built-in format specs and responsive design
  • Organize and populate content (text and images) into feeds for faster production, translation, and localization
  • Connect your master templates to content feeds to produce all the variations you need

Collaborative workflows

Centralizing your creative production unifies team collaboration and communication. This comes with many awesome outcomes. Not only is agility increased, as ideas can be relayed quickly and teams also have more visibility. Since review and approval can be handled within the software, back and forth emails with JPEGs are replaced with a single place to access cloud-based creatives.

This is how marketing and creative teams collaborate in the cloud:

  • Single URL bulk preview
  • Flexible and shareable views with internal and external teams
  • Full commenting functionality: reply, resolve, and change tracking
  • All stakeholders can access commenting, even if they’re not Celtra users
  • Easy access to unresolved comments pending responses

Global masters and localization

Rather than handling a high volume of local market asset requests, central teams can use creative automation to design master templates that are handed off to local teams. They can then resize, reformat, and personalize to suit their market. In the end, branding is consistent AND your message shows an awareness of local considerations. Ultimately, creative automation enables a global market reach that would otherwise be unattainable.

Why hasn’t this become the norm? According to the Forrester study, only 24% of marketers state that their localization operations are mostly automated. At the same time, 83% predict a positive or critical positive impact from creative automation on improving and increasing localization efforts. Again, it’s apparent that brands are skittish about converting their knowledge into action. Yet, brands who adopt creative automation earlier will be able to out-market their competitors.

Eliminate error

All brands with a digital advertising presence are faced with a very daunting task — how can you prevent error when producing 1000s of ads? Creative automation can help a lot. Not only are variations generated instantly without the need to adjust creatives by hand, creative automation software also vastly decreases your risk of human error. Additionally, the software pushes the creative directly into the proper channel (rather than manually copying and pasting) which further lessens the opportunity for mistakes.

Attract your audience

Sending out an influx of messages only works if they have an impact. To ensure this, the content must be relevant. Creative automation covers this too. The Forrester report asked organizations which benefits they would expect from an automated creative production approach. The leading answer was higher customer engagement (41%).

Unfortunately, simple targeting and retargeting isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need a more sophisticated and efficient approach that is rooted in skillful storytelling. Unlocking a greater volume of creatives enhances your capacity for creative relevance. You have more opportunities to run precisely tailored stories to a variety of audiences.

Finding your solution

The final Forrester report finding we’ll discuss here is that more than half of brands don’t have the proper technology to assist with digital advertising content creation. That’s a problem. Rather than cherry picking tools to help segments of the creative production process, you should consider your creative automation software options. It’s the most comprehensive and beneficial way to hit all of your marks.

Read the full Forrester study here. To learn more about creative automation, reach out to us today.

Whether it’s professionally or personally, we’ve never had to deal with a pandemic of this scale before. As a marketer, it can feel like you’re flying blind, trying to walk the tightrope of hitting the right tone while also protecting your brand and market share. You might have had to pause campaigns, scrap previously produced creative assets, or quickly create a whole new campaign in response.

To see just how dramatically different the consumer and marketing landscape is, here’s a snapshot of what has happened.

Consumer goods and e-commerce are riding the wave, while industries like travel and hospitality are drowning. This pandemic might not be treating brands fairly but there is a silver lining. Marketers that have the means (and the guts!) to keep marketing during this time, the benefits can be immense. History shows that brands that increase spending during a downturn gain an average of 1.6 percentage points of market share during post-recession.

In short, winning brands aren’t going silent. And consumers are responding positively to brands who are stepping up. Does it mean that you join the echo chamber of emotional thank you/ we’re here for you films that are so popular right now? Perhaps not, but you should have a point-of-view during this pandemic.

It’s all about being sincere. Tell your audience about your new curbside pickup. About what you’re doing to make deliveries safer. Think of how you are removing friction and easing consumers’ worry and then communicate about it.

Who’s getting it right? Below are ideas and approaches from brands we found to have hit the right tone.


The idea: Ford created illustrations on how to safely disinfect your car to avoid the virus

The takeaway: you can advise on a serious issue if your brand has skin in the game.


The idea: Old Spice repurposed old footage from humorous campaigns to promote handwashing.

The takeaway: people need comic relief, if your brand persona is funny, you can stay true to that.


The idea: Olive, an 93-year old woman was social distancing alone. She went viral for holding a “Need more beer” sign outside her window. Coors Light delivered 150 cans to delight her.

The takeaway: good needs don’t always need to be grandiose, they just need to feel relatable.


Production Woes During Covid-19


Aside from finding the right story angle, many marketing and in-house creative teams are struggling to produce enough new assets and push them quickly out the door. Here are some of the most common challenges creative teams might face while producing remotely.

Shifting campaign assets to e-com only

Are your brand campaigns on hold and you want to drive consumers to shop online, instead? You’ll need to update the messaging and product images to reflect the change. Aside from creative, be prepared to version your assets to fit various social ad formats like Stories, Carousels, and so on.

Changing the story on-the-fly

Right now, it feels off to see ads and content where people are socializing outside, coming together in groups, or even just working in the office. Brands need to find a way to represent the new normal both visually and in copy and make those updates to live campaigns quickly.

Local Markets Need New Assets, Fast!

If you’re running international operations, not only do you need new master assets, you have to equip local markets with creative templates they can adjust to their unique situation as every country has its version of what the new normal looks like. The challenge is to be able to distribute these assets fast enough and empower markets without letting them go off-script or off-brand.

Figuring Out Remote Workflows

With creative teams (both internal and external) operating fully remote, many are struggling to bring everyone together to ideate, produce, give feedback, and effectively launch creative fast enough.


Finally, How Do You Make It Happen?


The new normal is forcing rapid digital transformation in organizations, the same goes for creative production. Ask yourself this question: do you want to run your current workflow a little better or is it time to turn to something completely different?

At Celtra, we’re seeing first-hand how our brand customers have been able to get ahead with their creative production by using software to automate and scale. In practice, it means that they’re able to make changes to existing creative faster, get more done with the same resources, and bring remote teams together for an agile response during this time.

The results of cloud-based collaboration speak for themselves: we’re seeing creative teams triple their production speed while pushing out 4x more content just by introducing automation to the mix.

Brands that are quick to adapt their production approach today will be ahead of the game once we return to more normal times. Crisis or not, the world is evolving to digital. Brands that are backed by speed and flexibility will be able to launch more content that resonates. With more relevant content, you can reach and activate the right audience and ultimately out-market your competitors.

With the pandemic affecting all of us, many talented marketing, design, and creative operations/studio friends and colleagues are finding themselves on the market for a new position. To make the search a little easier, we’re rounding up the latest brand-side jobs from around the country (and the globe) and will be sharing them weekly.

Best of luck in the hunt! If you want to stay in the loop, subscribe to the Creative Wire, a biweekly newsletter by Celtra. If you’re hiring and want to feature your brand-side job here, send us a note at getcreative@celtra.com.

As a reminder, we’re doing this because coronavirus has upended so much, and we have many talented marketing, design, and creative operations/studio friends and colleagues on the market looking for roles. All jobs listed out below:


Brand-Side Jobs: batch #7, June 23


DoorDash, Marketing, Head of Consumer, Ads & Promotions, NYC, SFO, LA, CHI

DoorDash, Design, Creative Copywriter, San Francisco, CA

DoorDash, Marketing, Content Marketing Manager, San Francisco, CA

COTY – Kylie Jenner, Marketing, Director, E-commerce (Europe), Paris, FR

COTY – Kylie Jenner, Marketing, Director, E-commerce (N. America), New York, NY

Melissa & Doug, Marketing, Digital Marketing Director, Wilton, CT

Chobani, Marketing, Senior Manager, Media, New York, NY

Chobani, Marketing, Digital Communications & Community Engagement Lead, New York, NY

ViacomCBS – Showtime, Marketing, SVP, Media, New York, NY

Novartis, Marketing, Campaign Strategist, Dublin, IE

HelloFresh, Creative Ops, Sr. Project Manager, Creative Operations, New York, NY

HelloFresh, Marketing, Associate Director, Growth Marketing – Green Chef, New York, NY

Facebook, Marketing, AR/VR Integrated Marketing Lead, Menlo Park, CA

Facebook, Marketing, Head of Social and Influencer Marketing, AR/VR, Menlo Park, CA

Facebook, Creative Ops, Art Producer, Social Experiences, Menlo Park, CA

Facebook, Design, Copywriter – Studio X, Menlo Park, CA

ScottsMiracle-Gro, Marketing, Manager, Integrated Channel & Content Planning, Remote

Netflix, Marketing, Senior Marketing Manager (Nordics), Amsterdam, NL

Casper, Marketing, Director, Digital Marketing, New York, NY

Figma, Design, Head of Creative, San Francisco, CA

MGM – EPIX, Creative Ops, Digital Project Manager, New York, NY

Peloton, Creative Ops, Creative Producer, New York, NY

Footlocker, Creative Ops, Manager, Creative Services, St. Petersburg, FL

Footlocker, Design, Visual Designer, Chicago, IL

Footlocker, Design, Creative Director, Bradenton, FL

Footlocker, Marketing, Category Marketing Manager, Bradenton, FL

Poppin, Creative Ops, Marketing Operations Manager, New York, NY

SquareSpace, Creative Ops, Marketing Projects Manager, New York, NY

SquareSpace, Design, Senior Copywriter, Los Angeles, CA

Progressive Insurance, Design, Digital Designer, Mayfield, OH

Wayfair, Marketing, Copywriter, German, Berlin, GER


Brand-Side Jobs: batch #6, June 11


Bloom and Wild, Design, Head of Digital Production Design, London, UK

Clorox, Design , Designer, Digital & Video, New York, NY

Clorox, Marketing, Digital Brand Manager, Burt’s Bees, Richmond, UK

Kind Snacks, Marketing, Associate Brand Manager – Marketing Innovation, New York, NY

General Mills, Design, Brand Experience Assistant Manager, Brand Design, Minneapolis, MN

Chewy, Design, Art Director, Dania Beach, FL

Chewy, Marketing, Associate Director, Email Marketing, Dania Beach, FL

Chewy, Creative Ops, Director, Creative Operations, Dania Beach, FL

BirchBox, Design, Designer – Print, Packaging, and Digital, New York, NY

BirchBox Marketing, Manager, Brand Marketing – PR & Partnership, New York, NY

StanleyBlack&Decker , Design, Senior Graphic Designer, Towson, MD

StanleyBlack&Decker , Design, Digital Visualization Designer, Towson, MD

StanleyBlack&Decker , Creative Ops, Global Creative Operations Manager, Towson, MD

StanleyBlack&Decker, Creative Ops, Creative Operations Coordinator, Towson, MD

Monster Energy, Design, Senior Motion Designer, Corona, CA

Monster Energy, Design, Senior Graphic Designer, Corona, CA

Lucky Brand, Design, Senior Digital Designer , Los Angeles, CA

Lucky Brand, Marketing, Email Marketing Manager, Los Angeles, CA

Lucky Brand, Design, Photo Art Director, Los Angeles, CA

Monster Jobs, Design, Creative Designer, Digital, Weston, MA

Monster Jobs, Design, Digital Graphic Designer, Remote

Mailchimp, Design, Senior Brand Designer, Brooklyn, NY

Limeade, Design, Graphic Designer, Bellevue, WA

K2 Sports, Design, Graphic Designer – BCA,Seattle, WA

K2 Sports, Design, Graphic Designer – K2 Snowboarding, Seattle, WA

K2 Sports, Marketing, Marketing Manager – Line, Seattle, WA

Titleist | FootJoy, Creative Ops, Photo & Video Coordinator – KJUS, Boulder, CO

CVS Health, Marketing, Marketing Project Manager, Woonsocket, RI

CVS Health, Design, Copywriter, Woonsocket, RI

Johnson&Johnson, Design, Graphic Designer, Consumer Brand Design, New York, NY

Nintendo, Creative Ops, Manager, Graphic Design Art & Schedule, Redmond, WA

Nintendo, Marketing, Manager, Social Media Marketing, Redwood City, CA

Imperfect Foods, Design, Copywriter, San Francisco, CA


Brand-Side Jobs: batch #5, June 3


Asana, Design, Brand Designer, San Francisco, CA

Asana, Marketing, Senior Manager, Demand Generation, San Francisco, CA

Punchbowl, Design, Graphic Designer & Content Manager, Framingham, MA

Bark, Design, Senior Graphic Designer, Super Chewer, New York, NY

Bark, Design, Copywriter, Super Chewer, New York, NY

Bark, Marketing, Email Marketing Director, New York, NY

KiwiCo, Design, Senior Graphic Designer, Mountain View, CA

KiwiCo, Design, Motion Graphics / Video Editor, Mountain View, CA

KiwiCo, Marketing, Email Marketing Manager, Mountain View, CA

Amazon, Design, Graphic Designer, Seattle, WA

Classy, Design, Visual Brand Designer, San Diego, CA

Bandai Namco, Creative Ops, Lead Creative Project Manager, Santa Clara, CA

Honeywell, Creative Ops, Project Manager, Creative Services, Atlanta, GA

SiriusXM, Creative Ops, Project Manager, Marketing & Creative Services, New York, NY

ViacomCBS, Marketing, Vice President, Growth Marketing Strategy – Nickelodeon, New York, NY

Bayer, Marketing, Sr. Director Digital Marketing, Whippany, NJ

NYTimes, Marketing, Manager, Subscription Growth Strategy, New York, NY

PepsiCo, Marketing, Director of Marketing, Food Service Digital, Delivery & Online Ordering, White Plains, NY

theSkimm, Marketing, VP, Growth Marketing, New York, NY

Apple, Marketing, Head of Film Marketing, Apple TV+, Culver City, CA

Etsy, Marketing, International Performance Marketing Manager, Brooklyn, NY

Etsy, Design, Brand Designer, Brooklyn, NY

Unilever, Marketing, Associate Brand Manager, Degree Performance, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

GoEasy, Marketing, Paid Social Specialist, Mississauga, Ontario

Better.com, Marketing, Email Operations Manager, New York, NY

Acorns, Design, Senior Brand Designer, Irvine, CA

Square, Design, Senior Creative Designer, Cash App, New York, NY

PillPack (Amazon), Design, Brand Marketing Designer, Somerville, MA

Banana Republic, Design, Senior Graphic Designer, San Francisco, CA

AWS, Design, Senior Production Designer, Seattle, WA

Old Navy, Design, Associate Graphic Designer, San Francisco, CA

NerdWallet, Design, Lead Visual Designer, Remote

VICE, Creative Ops, Senior Producer (VICE Audio), Brooklyn, NY



Brand-Side Jobs: batch #4, May 27


Comcast, Creative Ops/Studio, Strategist, In-House Agency, New York, NY We are seeking entrepreneurial and creative individuals to help build an in-house advertising and communications function for our Xfinity products and services. The in-house agency will be primarily based in New York City. This group will produce creative content for all channels including TV, digital, social, radio, in-store, print as well as extensive video production for various on-line and in-house needs.

Slack, Marketing, Director, Marketing Operations, San Francisco, CA Slack is seeking a Director of Marketing Operations to lead the development of scalable processes and programs to empower the marketing team to drive results. This is a highly cross functional role requiring both strategic and tactical execution, strong program management, and the ability to build and lead a team.

Nike, Design, Brand Creative Designer, Mexico City The Brand Creative Designer, Mexico will bring NIKE’s innovative and distinctive brand look and feel to the consumers of Mexico City.

Google, Design, Designer, Creative Labs, New York, NY

Slack, Design, Brand Design Lead, San Francisco, CA

NBA, Design, Digital Designer, Secaucus, NJ

Comcast, Creative Ops/Studio, Senior Manager, Operations, New York, NY

TikTok, Design, Designer, Creative Lab, San Francisco, CA

The Trade Desk, Design, Director, Design, New York, NY

Biogen, Design, Senior Manager, Design, Weston, MA

DraftKings, Creative Ops/Studio, Senior Associate Project Manager, Boston, MA

DraftKings, Design, Art Director, Boston, MA

Fanduel, Marketing, Marketing Technology Manager, New York, NY

Fanduel, Marketing, Content Producer, New York, NY

Fanduel, Marketing, Creative Operations Senior Associate, New York, NY

Fanduel, Marketing, Growth Marketing Associate, New York, NY

Fanduel, Marketing, Copywriter, New York, NY

JCrew, Creative Ops/Studio Creative Operations Associate, New York, NY

Nike, Product,, Director of Product, Beaverton, OR

Nike, Marketing, Director, Innovation Insights, Beaverton, OR

LEGO, Marketing, Senior Marketing Strategy Manager, Shanghai, China

LEGO, Marketing, Creative Manager SEO, London, UK

Sam’s Club, Marketing, Associate Manager, Digital Media, Bentonville, AR

Walmart, Marketing, Senior Director Marketing Planning & Strategy, Hoboken, NJ

Walmart, Marketing, Senior Manager, CRM Marketing, San Bruno, CA

Walmart, Marketing, Director, Media Strategy, Hoboken, NJ

Noom, Creative Ops/Studio, Senior Project Manager, New York, NY

Noom, Design, Senior Copywriter, New York, NY

Noom, Marketing, Email Marketing Manager, New York, NY

Tovala, Design, Creative Director, Chicago, IL

Tovala, Marketing, Director of Growth Marketing, Chicago, IL

Benchling, Design, Creative Director, San Francisco, CA

Benchling, Marketing , Head of Demand Generation, San Francisco, CA

not pot, Design, Anime Artist , Los Angeles, CA

not pot, Design, Designer, Remote


Brand-Side Jobs: batch #3, May 19


Apple, Senior Planning and Operations Manager – Brand Experiences, Programming, Cross-Services, Culver City, CA

Philips, Health Systems Content Strategy & Operations Lead, Cambridge, MA

1-800-FLOWERS, VP, Creative, Carle Place, NY

Peloton, Senior Producer, New York, NY

Peloton, Art Director/ Designer, New York, NY

Peloton, Animator, New York, NY

Peloton, Senior Brand Manager, Digital Advertising, New York, NY

Estee Lauder, Clinique, Manager, Digital Production, New York, NY

General Assembly, Creative Director, New York, NY

Salesforce, Production Designer, SF, CA

Illumina, Director, Creative Studio Operations, San Diego, CA

Sony Pictures Entertainment, Manager, Creative Operations, TV Creative Center, Culver City, CA

YETI, Senior Manager, Performance Marketing, Austin, TX

Fullscreen, Operations Manager, Creative, Playa Vista, CA

Skillshare, Senior Content Marketing Manager, New York, NY

Etsy, Brand Designer, Brooklyn, NY

Etsy, International Performance Marketing Manager, Brooklyn, NY

NASDAQ, Program & Brand Studio Manager, New York, NY

Parachute Home, Art Director, L.A., CA

Ubisoft, Social Media Manager, SF, CA

Ubisoft, Digital Marketing Manager, SF, CA

Shutterfly, Senior Graphic Designer, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Shutterfly, Art Director – Digital/Ecommerce, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Away, Executive Creative Director, New York, NY

Away, VP, Creative Operations, New York, NY

Rockstar Games, Marketing Technology Manager, New York, NY

Rockstar Games, Motion Graphics Animator, New York, NY

Rockstar Games, Senior Digital Designer, New York, NY

Quip, Creative Director, New York, NY

Hulu, Associate Director, Production, Santa Monica, CA

MSNBC, Executive Producer, MSNBC Weekends, New York, NY

Biogen, Marketing Operations Resource Manager, Weston, MA

Nerdwallet, UX Content Strategist, SF, CA

Amazon, Digital Content Producer, Seattle, WA

Clorox, Associate Manager, Content, Oakland, CA

Foursquare, SVP Marketing, New York, NY

Shopify, Senior Marketing Content Strategist, Ottawa, CA

Fort Point, Marketing Director, San Francisco, CA


Brand-Side Jobs: batch #2, May 11


Netflix, Creative Ops/Studio, Director, Strategy Planning & Analysis – Creative Production, Los Angeles, CA “At Netflix, Creative Production sits at the intersection of Content, Marketing and Product, bringing a variety of skills (spanning video, artwork / print, digital creation and editing, creative strategy for Netflix content titles, content theme analysts & taggers, linguistic and cultural adaptation of Netflix content). This is an operational organization that takes pride in figuring out innovative ways to deliver creative excellence at Netflix scale, while finding efficiencies for Netflix in cost, time and resources!

LEGO, Marketing, Vice President, Global Brand Development, Billund, Denmark LEGO is looking for an “experienced global senior brand leader energized by the unique opportunity to create, influence, and govern global brand campaigns that will capture the hearts and minds of millions of children around the world.”

Sesame Workshop, Creative Ops/Studio, Executive Vice President Creative & Production, New York, NY “In conjunction with senior leadership, the executive will be responsible for setting a content strategy – how to reach which audiences with what content when – that will keep the organization at the forefront of children’s educational media. Specifically, the Executive Vice President, Creative & Production will be responsible for the creative development, production, production management and educational curricula for the growing portfolio of original long and short form content within Sesame Workshop. The leader will also oversee the creative of all themed entertainment content as well as the production of all domestic social impact content.”

Sesame Workshop, Creative Ops/Studio, VP Marketing Operations, New York, NY “The Vice President Marketing Operations will lead operations across the Brand Marketing and Brand Creative groups that form the Marketing team to support cross-functional global Marketing. This role will specifically oversee production, project management, asset management, budget management, and create process across the organization to ensure efficiency across media platforms.


Sesame Workshop, Creative Ops/Studio, Executive Vice President Creative & Production, New York, NY

Sesame Workshop, Marketing, VP/Senior Director Marketing and Audience Development, New York, NY

Curology, Design, Social Media Designer, San Francisco, CA

Curology, Design, Associate Director of Video Copy, San Francisco, CA

Curology, Marketing, Director of User Acquisition, San Francisco, CA

Honest Company, Marketing, Digital Analytics Manager, Playa Vista, CA

Honest Company, Marketing, Social Marketing Manager, Playa Vista, CA

Touch of Modern, Creative Ops/Studio, Contract Graphic Designer, San Francisco, CA

Touch of Modern, Creative Ops/Studio, Freelance Copywriter, San Francisco, CA

Duolingo, Design, Designer, Marketing + Brand (NY), New York, NY

Duolingo, Design, Designer, Marketing + Brand (PA), Pittsburgh, PA

Duolingo, Design, Sr Designer, Marketing + Brand (NY), New York, NY

Duolingo, Design, Sr Designer, Marketing + Brand (PA), Pittsburgh, PA

Duolingo, Marketing, Content Marketing Manager, Pittsburgh, PA

Care/of, Marketing, Director of Growth, New York, NY

Policygenius, Marketing, Marketing Analyst, New York, NY

Policygenius, Marketing, Editorial Director, New York, NY

Pernod Ricard, Absolut Vodka, Marketing, Brand Director, Absolut Vodka, New York, NY

Johnson & Johnson, Marketing, Associate Director, Consumer Business Intelligence, Skillman, NJ

Sheseido, Bare Minerals, Marketing, Vice President, Ecommerce, Digital and CRM, New York, NY

ADP, Marketing, Growth Marketing Director, New York, NY

Sunsoil, Marketing, Director of Marketing, New York, NY / Burlington, VT

Gympass, Marketing, VP, Growth Marketing, New York, NY

HelloFresh, Creative Ops/Studio, Creative Project Manager Studio, Berlin, Germany

HelloFresh, Marketing, Growth Manager, Denmark

HelloFresh, Marketing, VP Marketing, Toronto, Canada

HelloFresh, Marketing, Associate Director, Growth Marketing, New York, NY


May 6th Brand-Side Jobs


Dollar Shave Club, Creative Ops/Studio, Associate Creative Director, Marina Del Rey, CA

Facebook, Marketing, Head of Brand Strategy (Instagram), NY, SF

Amazon, Marketing, Creative Director in Amazon Music Creative Studio, New York, NY

Zillow, Marketing, SVP Integrated Marketing, Seattle, WA

Under Armour, Design, Visual Content Creator, Baltimore, MD

Under Armour, Design, Sr Visual Content Creator, Baltimore, MD

Glossier, Marketing, Director, Growth Marketing, New York, NY

Hulu, Creative Ops/Studio, Creative Technologist, Santa Monica, CA

Hulu, Marketing, Director, Brand Strategy, Santa Monica, CA

YETI, Marketing, Director, Brand Strategy, Austin, TX

YETI, Creative Ops/Studio, Creative Director, Austin, TX

Viacom, Marketing, VP, Marketing Operations (Nickelodeon), New York, NY

Masterclass, Creative Ops/Studio, Graphics Project Manager, San Francisco, CA

E&J Gallo Winery, Design, Creative Director, Modesto, CA

Disney, Creative Ops/Studio, Senior Mgr, Marketing Operations (Experimentation Execution Framework), New York, NY

Thursday Boot Company, Design, Digital Designer, New York, NY

Harry’s Inc, Marketing, Director of Growth Marketing & Digital Product, New York, NY

Harry’s Inc, Marketing, Director of Integrated Communications, New York, NY

P&G, Design, Graphic Designer, Cincinnati, Ohio

Publix, Creative Ops/Studio, Integrated Producer, Creative Services, Marketing, Marketing, Lakeland, FL

Spotify, Marketing, Marketing Manager, Country, Nashville, TN

Wayfair, Design, Senior Design Manager, Berlin, Germany

Bonobos, Design, Senior Graphic Designer, New York, NY

Allbirds Marketing, Senior Manager, Community Programs, San Francisco, CA

Robinhood, Design, Creative Director, Menlo Park, CA

Lululemon, Design, Designer, Graphics, Remote, CA

Boxycharm, Design, Production Designer, Pembroke Pines, FL

Boxycharm, Creative, Sr. Copy Writer, Pembroke Pines, FL


More brand-side jobs to come next week, and good luck on the hunt!

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With social distancing and stay-at-home orders, most retail brands have had to quickly pivot their campaigns to a new reality where eCommerce reigns supreme. Even with states and countries starting to open, many consumers will feel safer shopping online and marketers know this. How do you attract and win over customers when everyone is trying to do the same?

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all, the winning formula to out-market the competition seems to go as follows:

  • A cut-through creative idea with a PR angle that generates buzz
  • Robust creative production to seminate the product(s) across channels

We took a good look at what’s new with e-commerce campaigns. These are our current favorites from various retail and DTC brands.


Guac’s Extra–So Is This e.l.f. Collaboration!


Collaborations in the beauty industry are hardly new but usually, it’s with the Kardashians, not burritos. In an unexpected twist, e.l.f. Cosmetics launched a makeup line with the fast-food chain Chipotle and the kit sold out instantly. The delightful stunt was featured on various beauty media, including The Cut, Allure, and Refinery29, driving excellent awareness among their target audience. What’s interesting, is that e.l.f is simultaneously running close to 200 unique performance creatives on Facebook and Instagram, ensuring that they can turn this new interest into purchases, as well.

Old Navy Shows the Artsy Side of Doing Good


Old Navy just donated $30 million worth of clothing to families in need. To highlight that, they commissioned an artist to create an 800 square foot installation made out of clothes. The stunt was featured everywhere from Good Morning America to ABC News. Looking at their currently live campaigns, Old Navy is running a mix of awareness and performance creatives. It includes both the making of-videos for the artwork and various seasonal summer campaign creatives.


IKEA Helps Pårents Build Forts


In a clever twist, IKEA’s new campaign takes the brand’s products and turns them into iconic instructions for parents on how to build different kinds of forts while at home with their children. While we don’t expect people to flock to their online store just to buy the items to build furniture forts, many are on the market for new furniture to improve their work-from-home settings. That’s where scale comes in: IKEA is running countless ads with a home focus on social media.


MasterClass as Told by Spike Lee


While not the most traditional eCommerce, we wanted to include MasterClass’s first-ever brand campaign for its timeliness. The platform that sells courses where anyone to learn from world-renowned experts has now launched a 60-second anthem made by no other than Spike Lee. What better time to spend learning something new while most of us are at home? 
On a more tactical level, the brand campaign is supported by a variety of personality-driven video ads with Carlos Santana, Margaret Atwood, Malcolm Gladwell, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and many more.

Scaling eCommerce Creative


Take cue from these brands: you should always support top-of-mind brand stunts with a scalable, high-volume creative approach that allows you to capitalize on the attention. However, it can be costly and slow to manually produce all the needed creative variants to activate consumers across markets. With the pandemic, many brands are more budget-constrained than before. At the same time, they need to be able to move fast with content scaling or risk being out-marketed.

With creative production automation, brands can effectively achieve the content volume needed to win in this eCommerce-first economy. We’ve written a whole post on how to tackle various creative production challenges during Covid-19, click here to read more. If you’re ready to start automating your creative process and production, get in touch with us here.

“Innovation is not a novelty it’s taking something and making it better.”

Guy Hearn Omnicom

MAD Tech (the convergence of marketing, advertising, and technology) has earned an invaluable role amongst businesses. MAD Tech provides a gigantic influx of data — from demographics, purchase history, buyer intent, geolocation, etc. When consolidated, this information paints a rich buyer profile used when determining relevant products and tactics on a case-by-case basis. Still, with this great power comes great responsibility. 

Is your company managing the latest MAD Tech in the most optimal way? Here are some MAD Tech solutions to accelerate your brand strategy. 

The TradeDesk’s unified ID program

Problem: 3rd party cookies are being threatened with the rising privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Solution: Consolidate online activity into a single ID that collects the most information as possible. This method is more practical and capable of achieving scale. For instance, the Celtra Decision Tree leverages TradeDesk IDs to offer a self-serve Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) solution for scalable global activation. 

“By letting any other DSP, SSP, DMP, or data provider match audience data using one of the most prevalent IDs in the ecosystem, TTD is providing the best opportunity to scale a truly universal ID.”

The TradeDesk 

The Rise of Programmatic TV 

Problem: Users are consuming more video content than ever before as they move towards Connected TV. So how do advertisers leverage this new medium? 

Solution: A hybrid subscription model (paid ad-free subscription vs free ad-filled subscription). The main challenge here is to define a common metric between traditional broadcast TV and Connected TV. This metric would measure the advertising potential of content backed by hyper-relevant contextual cues. For instance, iflix is a type of Connected TV player that offers the hybrid model. Celtra offers universal video (VAST) and Interactive Video (VPAID) with DCO capabilities to support this model, providing an opportunity to help advertisers enter the era of programmatic TV advertising.

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Brands

Problem: The number of D2C brands is ramping up globally, from big players such as Alibaba, Away, Glossier, Casper, etc. to more regional players, such as Lazada and Gojek. Likewise, many mobile first nations are seeing a rise with great economic potential. For example, China (the birthplace of Alibaba) seeing investment potential in Indonesia (the birthplace of Gojek). 

Solution: D2C brands aim to cut out the middleman in their supply chain, and Celtra can help them do the same for their rich media advertising. Celtra offers brands the opportunity to take back control over their digital advertising and the option to bring production in-house (or promote greater transparency between agencies and marketing teams). With Celtra, D2C brands can enjoy greater efficiency, effectiveness, and clarity.