MailOnline partnered with Celtra on a contextually relevant, in-line creative experience resulting in outstanding performance for Fox Movies.


Campaign Objectives

20th Century Fox’s goal was to make the summer blockbuster, Independence Day: Resurgence a must-see movie event. A key focus for the campaign was targeting new audiences that may not be in the existing Independence Day fan base. By targeting femail, TV & showbiz and sports sections of the MailOnline website, Fox was able to attract a new generation of movie enthusiasts to this sci-fi sequel.

Idea & Execution

Unlike the high-impact takeovers usually seen for big summer movies, Amplifi UK recommended taking a more simplistic approach, showcasing creative that appeared similar to a news article users may see if aliens were really invading earth and heroes Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum were going into battle against them.

The editorial-like experience was in-line, appearing in a newsfeed of similarly designed articles though the content was sponsored. Taking things one step further, MailOnline also incorporated contextually relevant creative ensuring that the image and text associated with each placement aligned with the content of the sites users were visiting.

The final piece was the use of Celtra’s Universal Creative technology to deliver a consistent user experience across all smartphone device sizes. MailOnline built the creative using adaptive unit variants to ensure the banner was responsive, taking the full width of any device it was served into. This technology also allowed MailOnline to build one ad unit per section, with all device sizes contained in the single ad, creating efficiency and scale for the campaign.

Campaign Success

The campaign saw remarkable engagement rates for all three versions of the creative. The amalgamation of a personalized creative experience, in-line placement, segmented targeting, and responsive banner technology resulted in a perfect combination of elements for a winning digital strategy even though this was a relatively small buy.

The campaign greatly exceeded industry benchmarks for all creative versions when compared with Celtra’s benchmarks:

  • Femail creative was 381% higher than standard banner entertainment benchmarks
  • TV & Showbiz creative engagement rate climbed 5.3x higher than standard banner entertainment benchmarks
  • Sports creative showed 516% higher performance than standard banner entertainment benchmarks