The Challenge

AdPlay is one of the leading DSPs in Bangladesh, connecting brands and agencies with more than 400 direct publishers and 1,300 non-direct publishers. Their ongoing mission is to empower their clients to execute sophisticated, data-driven campaigns with breakthrough creatives.

In order to meet market demands and provide innovative solutions, AdPlay realized the need to enhance its product offering and, at the same time, unify its ad stack by merging all digital advertising activities within a centralized platform. The challenge was finding a solution that would not only help drive higher engagement and deliver memorable experiences, but would also enable more efficient ways to manage workloads and shorten production times.

The Solution

After careful consideration, AdPlay partnered with Celtra for its unmatched creative experiences and for its ability to elevate operational efficiencies to the next level.

Adopting Celtra’s Creative Management Platform enabled AdPlay to:

  • Streamline production by replacing all existing hand-coded rich media formats with rich media creatives produced within Celtra CMP.
  • Spend less time trafficking and tracking multiple campaigns across an array of channels.
  • Leverage data to power the development of more personalized creatives.
  • Optimize ad performance using real-time analytics and insights across multiple channels, formats, and device types.
  • Improve workflow and process management to boost efficiency and increase speed to market.
  • Enrich AdPlay’s inventory value with premium display and video formats.

The Results

  • Reduced creative production and trafficking time by 49% (over 45 man-hours) per campaign, on average, allowing internal creative teams to experiment with new, innovative ad concepts and focus on delivering more sophisticated experiences.
  • Dramatically improved ad performance since Celtra CMP adoption:
  • 200% higher CTR when using Celtra rich media formats compared to static display banner campaigns across Airline, FMCG, and Technology industry.
  • 3x higher eCPM of rich media units.


“Our clients demand constant innovation, creativity, and relevance when developing their digital campaigns–that’s why we partnered with Celtra, in our opinion the best Creative Management Platform out there, which enables us to do exactly that–in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.”

Kaymun Amin
CEO, AdPlay

More About AdPlay

AdPlay is an ad-tech company based in Bangladesh that empowers brands and agencies to execute sophisticated campaigns using breakthrough creatives, cutting-edge ad formats, and data-based audience targeting. AdPlay’s programmatic DSP offers advertisers unprecedented reach on open inventory for multiple global exchanges as well as private marketplace deals in leading local and global publishers.