Adsmovil share some of the challenges and solutions they faced when building the award winning campaign, using Celtra’s Creative Management Platform


The Company

Adsmovil offers Global Mobile Advertising Solutions, the company focus on U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets allows their clients to reach more than 100 million mobile users. Adsmovil’s goal is to develop the best tech solutions for advertisers in mobile devices. They’re situated across America, with offices in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina as well as U.S. cities including Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

The Challenge

Learning from the North American ad tech market, arguably the most advanced market in digital advertising, the Adsmovil team knew it was possible to build mobile ads that went further than a standard banner ad, that even opened a dialogue between customer and brand for the Hispanic market. Adsmovil needed a mobile solution to help them build rich media ads that are innovative and impactful, using engaging formats that enhanced the UX, but didn’t require hours of production time per campaign.

The Solution

Over 5 years ago, Adsmovil started to use Celtra’s Creative Management Platform. Trialling all the tech solution providers, they chose to plug into Celtra’s SaaS platform, because of the cutting edge technology designed for creative production, management, distribution and optimisation of display, video and native ads. Celtra also provided training and guidance to maximise their use of the platform to increase campaign performance.

Celtra’s SaaS platform armed Adsmovil with innovative rich media formats for mobile display and video ad campaigns, partnered with over 250 features for a higher impact. Together the ads opened a conversation between the brand and their customer. Adsmovil found repeated success using a range of different formats for display, rich media, native ads, video, and features, including geolocation and programmatic creative.


Since July 2012, Adsmovil have built nearly 750 campaigns in Celtra’s SaaS platform and continue to grow in the US, and most recently in key markets, including Mexico and Brazil.

The team found Celtra’s technology was easy to use, and not only integrated into their workflow but went further to help streamline the processes to save hours of production time by using a single creative for different variants, so they were able to increase internal efficiency.

Adsmovil have won several awards for their mobile ad campaigns, including the Real Time Marketing award by IAB Colombia, the Smarties MMA 2016 Awards in New York for the best brand awareness and location based campaign, and the Silver Award in Mobile Marketing Effectiveness by The FAB Awards in London, using Celtra’s technology.

The goal of the award winning campaign, was to generate a different user experience in which Juan Valdez’s customer could interact with the coffee products at different times through the day, increasing in-store visits and purchases by offering an interactive experience that Juan Valdez’s customer could engage with.

The campaign used two interactive mobile ad units combined with weather relevant creatives, allowing the ads to feature hot coffee drinks to consumers in rainy or cold weather conditions, and cold drinks to those enjoying sunny and warm weather. Using Celtra’s programmatic creative features, four separate options for messaging and images based on time of day and location were used. This included content that would be appealing for Breakfast, Lunch Afternoon Snack and a Nighttime treat; all would show the respective ads at the corresponding times. Celtra’s Nearby feature was also used to show the distance between the user and the nearest Juan Valdez Coffee location to increase footfall.

“We could quickly create several different variants within a single creative, saving hours of production time. Celtra’s Programmatic Creative complemented our media strategy and simplified our media targeting by reducing placements and ensuring users received a message that is more reflective of their current surroundings, and therefore more effective.”

The results were excellent, driving over 300,000 impressions and achieving a 5% engagement rate, with over 5 seconds of interaction with the ad. Juan Valdez also reported a spike of in-store visits and beverage purchases during the campaign.

Juan Valdez Coffee from Celtra on Vimeo.