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Cross-Screen Advertising, Gotham’s New Hero

Celtra helps Time Inc. and FOX successfully promote the upcoming Gotham TV series on mobile and desktop


Campaign Objectives

  • Create a cross-screen video-centric display advertising campaign that would simultaneously run across smartphone, tablet and desktop devices
  • Capture users’ attention and stimulate them to engage with the ad
  • Find an advertising solution that would enable auto-playing a video directly from a banner; on desktop and on mobile web

Media & Execution

With mobile traffic growing fast on its properties – from 39 to 53 million unique views over the last six months, Time Inc. looked for a way to grab this opportunity and provide higher-value advertising in their mobile space as well. Using Celtra’s AdCreator 4, a cross-screen platform designed for streamlined ad creation, serving and tracking of immersive HTML5 display ads, Time Inc. and FOX developed a web-based campaign that promoted Gotham TV series to smartphone, tablet and desktop users alike.

AdCreator’s custom video player allowed Time Inc. and FOX to auto-play the series’ trailer straight from the banner on every device, including the iOS-powered devices, whose native video player doesn’t support auto-play on the mobile web.

The launch of the campaign was timed to the San Diego Comic-Con at the end of July 2014. In just three days, it generated over 7.5 million requested impressions on Time Inc.’s properties, People and Entertainment Weekly (EW). Out of all measurable impressions 74.5% or nearly 4.5 million were viewable by Core viewabilty ratings. Most of the impressions were served on desktop (54%), while smartphones and tablets accounted for 26% and 20% of the served impressions respectively.

“Celtra was able to control the start of video until the ad was almost in view. Viewability is very important to us, and all our benchmarks are above industry averages.” –Derek Gatts, associate director of advertising operations for Time Inc.

Campaign Summary

  • No. of creatives: 10
  • Published on: People & Entertainment Weekly
  • Features: in-line video, animation, click-to-Web


Not only did the campaign perform remarkably across all device types, but it has also managed to give FOX a staggering 800% increase in engagement, compared to a traditional desktop-only campaign.

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