The Challenge

VICE spent many years earning their reputation for authentic and edgy content created by and for Gen Y and Z. This trusted compelling editorial not only reflected youth subcultures but also helped create them. Along with the editorial growth, business started to increase rapidly as well and began to put VICE on the forefront of mobile, social and video advertising. In the aftereffect of this success, even the more traditional Global Fortune 500 advertisers were looking to get in front of VICE audiences. These advertisers who were new to VICE audience continued to use the same creative assets that they used in their broad marketing campaigns. Ultimately, these positive developments ended up putting pressure on both:

  • Scaling ad products and inventory across multiple brand sites, markets, channels, devices and audiences
  • The varying quality of client-supplied creative assets running alongside VICE’s editorial, challenging the performance of the campaigns

The Solution

VICE and Celtra partnered to create a suite of advertising products to:

  • Improve the quality of the creative itself, so it performs and engages in adjacency to VICE’s quality editorial
  • Increase premium inventory for display and video
  • Centralize production and distribution of ad products across all VICE properties, across all devices, using an enterprise-level CMP
  • Execute on the vision of a unified, global product suite across all VICE’s properties and markets

Celtra helps us continue to lead the market with our ad executions by driving innovation and powering creativity with our digital advertising.

Shyam Panchal
Global Director, Ad Products, VICE Media

The Result

Utilizing Celtra’s Creative Management Platform (CMP), ad units created by VICE significantly outperform non-Celtra-based ad units provided by brand’s advertising agencies. Specifically:

  • Overall, click-through rates from VICE’s in-house ads are 86% higher
  • The engagement rates of VICE’s in-house ads are 260% higher
  • Delivered effective CPMs are 2X better with in-house ad units


*Equinox video campaign running across VICE Full Screen and Half Screen Blueprints formats.