The Challenge

InMobi, the world’s leading Marketing Cloud, was evaluating robust creative production software options for its global creative services team. They tried a variety of tools to develop creative, but all of them posed similar issues. The options were both expensive and cumbersome to use. Additionally, InMobi found it challenging to ensure that the tools were developed in lock-step with the ever-changing digital ad landscape.

The Solution

After experimenting with several options, InMobi chose Celtra as its digital advertising software. In particular, Celtra’s unmatched capabilities because of: 

  • Well-earned reputation as the best in-app creative solution in the space
  • Capacity for staying up-to-date on creative best practices 
  • Dedication to continually produce the best possible ads for enterprise customers
  • Ability to put customers at ease, knowing that InMobi offers a solution they trust to build out ad creatives

The Result

InMobi was able to vastly improve both their process and performance with Celtra. By giving InMobi’s creative services team access to the best solution, Celtra provided the opportunity to create highly effective campaigns for global enterprise customers.

The numbers speak for themselves. In the second quarter of 2019, InMobi consistently drove improved campaign performance for its advertiser customers. For campaigns that received at least 10,000 impressions, this is how their results compared to average campaign performances (Celtra benchmark): 

  • Ad engagement rates for all interstitials in APAC were 135% higher than average.
  • Ad engagement rates for all small banners in APAC were 80% higher than average.
  • Ad engagement rates for all medium banners in APAC were 25% higher than average.
  • Ad engagement rates for all interstitials in North America were 50% higher than average.


InMobi Transforms Creative Production, Outperforms Averages with Celtra


The results speak for themselves! With Celtra, our creative services team is able to build campaigns that consistently outperform the industry averages across format types and regions.”

Vasuta Agarwal

VP & MD, Asia Pacific, InMobi