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Porsche optimized creative to exceed industry benchmark by 218% on time spent

Porsche, their creative and media agencies partnered with Celtra’s to create an immersive expandable banner ad that offered smartphone and tablet users a close look into Porsche’s sports car lineup for 2014.


Campaign Objectives

Porsche’s mission was to present their set of 2014 sports cars to mobile audiences – on smartphones and tablets alike – in an engaging and interactive campaign. The world-renowned car manufacturer always strives to deliver cutting edge technology and design in their vehicles, and they wanted to reflect this philosophy in this campaign as well. Besides engaging the audience, Porsche’s goal was also to lead their targeted audience to their stores or authorized dealers.

Idea & Execution

On the banner unit, the ad addressed the audience with Porsche’s slogan “There is no substitute.” Upon expanding the banner into a full-screen unit the consumer was presented with a multi-layered interactive gallery. At the bottom of the screen, the user could swipe or tap to select a particular model from the 2014 sports car selection, and above it, he or she could navigate through different pictures of the selected model.

At any time the user could also share any picture from the gallery on Twitter, or choose to tap the “Build your Porsche” button, which opened a page (within the ad) where you could customize the color of the currently selected model and see the results live. The creative also featured a “Find a Dealer” button, which led the users to a page (also within the ad) with a map, showing all the nearby Porsche dealers. Tapping a location on a map opened up a screen with basic information about that dealer, plus “Call” and “Send E-mail” buttons.

Campaign Success

The campaign managed to excite, inform and facilitate intent at the same time.

The intricate combination of smooth user experience and attractive product presentation, as well as personalization and the use of the locator feature, added up to a creative that truly looked and behaved as an extension of Porsche’s brand. The audience rewarded this very evidently as they took a fair time to explore the creative. An average user spent 42 seconds with the ad – a remarkable number that exceeds the industry benchmark by 218%.

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