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Reactive Pull: The King of Expansion

Celtra’s new ad format helps Hearst Magazines UK deliver excellent results for a Pandora campaign.


Campaign Objectives

Use an ad format that offers a better user experience and drives higher user engagement than standard mobile banners. Increase the viewability and the proportion of users that interact with the ad.

Media & Execution

Over the past year, Hearst Magazines UK has seen a growing demand for ad formats that offer an experience outside of standard mobile banners, specifically formats that give advertisers a larger canvas to communicate their message. This demand has grown along with the divergence of KPI’s, as advertisers demand a user experience based around viewability and engagement. To meet this demand Cetra has worked in conjunction with Hearst on developing Reactive Pull – a new agnostic mobile ad format, which brings together both of these elements.

Reactive Pull is an expandable format that presents a unique, intuitive way of revealing the main unit. Instead of tapping on the banner unit, a user pulls it down to see it expand with a smooth animation. The main unit delivers a large ad canvas with the intent of driving user engagement. It’s an HTML5 environment that can include any number of enticing features, such as videos or galleries.

Featuring a creative designed by the Hearst in-house team, the format was used to run a campaign for Pandora, promoting their range of Mother’s Day jewelry.

“Hearst Magazines UK presented us with a new and innovative ad format that suited the needs of our campaign perfectly.” –Caitlin Steele, Online Marketing Manager, PANDORA

Campaign Results

The campaign demonstrated that Reactive Pull’s innovative expansion method and it’s gradual crossfade expansion effect work better than the traditional tap to expand mechanics. This not only translates into a much higher expansion rate, but also improves user engagement with the ad unit.

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