Uproxx partnered with Celtra on a responsive, cross-device creative campaign resulting in exceptional performance for Summit Entertainment.


Campaign Objectives

Summit Entertainment’s objective for the Now You See Me 2 campaign was to generate awareness and excitement to see the film during opening weekend. In an effort to drive purchase intent for a ticket to the movie, Uproxx created engaging ad units, showcasing the Now You See Me 2 trailer.

Idea & Execution

With Summit’s goals in mind, Uproxx, a source of news and culture for the digital generation, implemented a comprehensive digital strategy using Celtra’s Universal Formats. Celtra’s Universal Banner allowed Uproxx to build fully responsive creatives across all device sizes, maximizing the amount of real estate Uproxx captured on user’s screens. Because this solution minimizes the number of ad unit sizes that need to be built in order to cover all devices and screen sizes, Uproxx was able to use a truly scalable solution to ensure the creative UX was never sacrificed.

This motion picture included a large cast of featured actors with a long and wide logo title. Celtra’s Universal Banner format worked perfectly to include all of Summit Entertainment’s creative assets in a dynamic manner using flexible and adaptive layouts.

Campaign Success

The campaign saw impressive engagement rates for all desktop versions of the creative. The desktop versions incorporated video with responsive layouts in a billboard placement, providing users with a rich and engaging creative experience.

  • Desktop creatives saw between 245% to 821% higher engagement rates than Celtra’s standard desktop banner benchmarks.
  • Users exposed to desktop creatives engaged 9x times more than with Celtra’s standard desktop banner entertainment benchmark.