Turner partnered with Celtra to develop a unique, custom native ad format that delivered an unbeatable experience. 


Campaign Objectives

Taco Bell and Turner have previously created a unique, highly successful, and engaging experience with their sponsored Taco Bell Buzzer Beater channel on desktop. Since a great deal of their target audience follows NBA results on their mobile devices, Taco Bell and Turner’s goal was to bring the full Buzzer Beater experience to mobile users as well.

The aim was to design a solution that would display up-to-date content dynamically within an appealing co-branded unit, which would sway users to engage and spend time with the content and expose the Taco Bell brand. Both parties wanted to find an attractive and scalable solution that would engage their audience in an experience fully optimized for mobile.

Idea & Execution

The NBA.com audience is passionate about all things basketball. The fans want to be up to date at all times and are always interested in the most recent and interesting news from their superstars or home teams.

In order to address those needs, Turner partnered with Celtra to develop a unique, custom native ad format that delivered an unbeatable experience. The format is a branded expandable banner ad unit that is designed to match the NBA.com desktop Buzzer Beater. It dynamically features editorial video content from NBA.com while also feeding in advertisers’ messaging.

The expandable unit features a gallery of 4 Buzzer Beater videos and offers users the ability to watch the latest content from NBA.com live within the ad unit in a high-quality full screen video with sound. The video carousel also includes a Taco Bell ad and social share features. Taco Bell wanted to get closer to basketball fans, and offering content they were already interested was the best way to achieve that.

Campaign Success

The campaign was a success from both an operational and engagement perspective. First and foremost, we were able to translate the desktop experience to mobile in a mobile-optimized format with a custom developed ad unit. Once implemented, the ad format enabled dynamic content to be updated in real-time reflecting the changes on desktop, which saved a lot of time implementing the changes for each device and re-trafficking ads.

In addition to the operational benefits, the Taco Bell Buzzer Beater campaign over-performed on key metrics proving that users spent quality and engaged time with the brand. The campaigns exceeded industry benchmarks on key points:

  • the campaign saw unit engagement rate exceeding the QSR benchmark by 136%.
  • on average users spent 20% more time on the ad unit compared to QSR benchmark.