RadiumOne and Maxus partnered with Celtra to create a vertical 360° experience that included an A/B test to boost user engagement.​


Campaign Objectives

Ubisoft's KPIs for this campaign were focused on driving clicks and engagements. Since Ubisoft had 360 video assets available to use, RadiumOne and Maxus proposed incorporating these into the creative strategy, combined with a variety of interactions using Celtra’s 360 Video offering. Because 360 video is a highly engaging type of video content, this experience aligned perfectly with Ubisoft’s goals.

Idea & Execution

Ubisoft and RadiumOne took advantage of several capabilities from Celtra’s AdCreator platform for this campaign. While they knew users were likely to initially engage with the video, they wanted to run an A/B test to determine if a slightly different user experience would lead to more video completions. For this test, Celtra recommended including additional interactive elements over the 360 video that users could engage with while the video was playing. The creative would allow the user to return to the video at anytime, but would also guide users to complete the video.

In addition to the A/B test, the unit also incorporated creative relevancy. The units dynamically displayed relevant messaging and CTA’s for ‘Pre-order’ and ‘Order’ based on the game’s release date. This created efficiency during production and reduced the number of creative units that needed to be built.

Campaign Success

This campaign saw great success in multiple ways. Not only did both units perform higher than benchmarks for engagement rate and completion rate, but the A/B test was successful in proving that additional interaction opportunities results in higher completion rates. The added efficiency provided by using dynamic capabilities further enhanced the success of this campaign.

  • Version B with character overlays saw 37% higher completion rates when compared to interstitial videos of similar length.
  • Both creatives saw at least a 66% higher engagement rate when compared with similar interstitial benchmarks.