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Vertical Video – Helps Audi Achieve 80% Increase on Effective Video Completion Benchmark

Celtra’s new Short Form Vertical Video empowered Audi to create an immersive ad experience ideal for video content consumption on mobile devices.


Campaign Objectives

  • Present video content in a way that is native to mobile consumers.
  • Look for innovation in creative and aim at partnering closely with suppliers who are able to spearhead and deliver creative first.
  • Reach mobile consumers with a message focused on branding, promoting the brand’s values and generating awareness around the Le Mans event.

Media & Execution

Video content consumption on a mobile device is significantly different compared to desktop. With attention spans getting shorter, consumers expect ads to be super compact, short and consumable without much effort. In addition 98% of the time, smartphones are used in portrait mode and users are extremely unlikely to rotate the device in order to watch an ad.

Celtra’s exciting new ad format named Short Form Vertical Video was the perfect match.

The Short Form Vertical Video Format enables brands to successfully transform their TV ad spots into attractive and punchy mobile video ads that are served in portrait mode, leveraging the full screen of the device. The new ad format also relies on state-of-the-art video technology to achieve faster loading times without compromising the quality of playback.

“Celtra’s new mobile technology is born from consumer insights and is perfectly merging media and creative” – Giovanni Perosino, Head of Marketing Communication, Audi

Campaign Features

  • Intelligently cropped video for important content
  • Auto-play enabled across all environments
  • Text cards utilized to highlight key messages
  • Full-screen responsive ad design

Campaign Success

Short Form Vertical Video allowed Audi to design a video ad specifically for the mobile environment — a bite-sized, instant and extremely impactful branding experience that fully leverages the mobile screen and is at the same time rewarding and enjoyable for the user.

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