Celtra’s top-tier global partnerships enable effective & efficient cross-channel creative workflows that are powered by data & analytics.


Celtra’s Media partners help advertisers use the latest high-impact creative formats and environments to reach consumers everywhere they are, and deliver an engaging experience with every interaction. We even provide their creative content studios with the most advanced and comprehensive toolsets in the market.


Many of the industry’s leading supply-side and buy-side platforms and ad networks use the Celtra CMP to enhance the production, delivery, and performance of their advertising.


Improving ad performance means connecting measurement and insights to creative performance. Through deep integration with the leading measurement vendors, the Celtra CMP helps brands eliminate manual tasks, save time, and reduce cost while gathering the impactful insights needed to drive effective creative performance.


When it comes to digital advertising, data can make the difference between random and relevant. Celtra’s CMP enables brands to better monetize their investments in first and third-party data or leverage it to improve the relevancy of each consumer experience and ad impressions.

Ad Serving

Celtra saves time and powers results by integrating seamlessly into new and legacy third-party ad serving tools.

Assets & Content

By instantly importing raw assets into the Celtra CMP, teams can quickly build powerful interactive ad experiences without starting from scratch.