Creative Management Platform

Make, measure, manage, and master your creative.




Make it.

Output creative that’s dynamically designed and data-driven.

  • Dynamic creative that changes automatically based on data
  • Cloud-based, real-time creative production
  • Video, native, and interactive experiences
  • Template building and management
  • Built-in QA
Dynamic Creative
Ad Builder

Manage it.

Gain full control over your digital creative production and operations processes through a centralized, cloud-based platform.

  • Visual collaboration tools for the ad design process
  • Portability of creative assets across products and formats
  • Easy distribution across media and social platforms
  • Scalable campaign workflow management
  • Full platform integration into ad tech stack
Creative Setup
Creative Preview

Measure it.

Directly connect the performance of your campaigns to business results using experimentation.

  • Conversion lift studies (randomized control trials)
  • Brand lift studies (randomized control trials and surveying)
  • A/B/Z testing
  • Incrementality measurement and optimization
  • Standard display and video metrics
  • Report builder
  • Plug-in viewability, conversions, and reach measurement through partners
Report Builder
Brand Lift Study

Master it.

Drive better performance of your advertising by leveraging insights, knowledge, and the right experimentation to optimize your campaigns.

  • Performance benchmarking
    (observational and experimental)
  • Creative lever analysis
  • Creative consulting

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