The Challenge

Maxis, a leading 4G and fiber communications provider in Malaysia wanted to create high-impact, highly personalized ads for its upcoming 2018 World Cup campaign. However, using Maxis’ standard process would have required them to:

  • Create 384 different creatives (64 matches x 6 ad size variations)
  • Leverage the AdOps teams to upload and traffic ads for each match
  • Employ rich media, a format they’ve yet to explore

The Solution

Maxis turned to Celtra’s Creative Management Platform (CMP) for its cutting-edge creative development tools, dynamic creative capabilities and built-in ad trafficking technology.

The Result

  • Maxis was able to achieve the equivalent of 384 creatives with only 8 creatives.
  • They reduced creative production and trafficking time by 50% (over 30 man-hours).
  • The platform allowed the teams to streamline their entire creative process: from building to trafficking to reporting.
  • Maxis was able to gain more insight into creative performance through detailed, segmented reporting.

Not only did Maxis execute their World Cup campaign at the highest levels with tremendous efficiency, but by making Celtra CMP the foundation of their digital advertising activities, they have ensured that future campaigns will also benefit from better creatives, increased efficiencies and improved outcomes.

“Every brand wants to create relevant ad experiences for its target audience. Celtra has enabled us to do just that in a very short amount of time by optimizing time spent on production, improving collaboration and streamlining workflow. They’ve helped us exceed our set goals and given us a whole new perspective on how we approach digital advertising.”

Tom Van den Berckt
Head of Digital Marketing & Web, Maxis